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Up Top Lacrosse Tournament


Rules of Play and Code of Conduct


The Up Top Tournament will use US Lacrosse Rules with the following exceptions:

  • Each Team will play Four 25 minute games (running time)
  • Games will be 12 v 12
  • Contact: High School Rules apply. Full stick check. No deliberate body contact may be initiated, either offensively or defensively. Incidental body contact is to be expected (i.e. ground balls & side lines).
  • Penalties:  Players receiving a yellow card will leave the game for one minute. Any team receiving three yellow cards in the same game will play “man-down” for three minutes for the third card and all subsequent cards during that game. Officials may stop the game if they feel a team is playing out of control and coaches are not enforcing safe play. If this occurs the team with more than three cards will forfeit the game.
  • Time: Games will be One 25 minute period - running time.  There will be 5 minutes between games.  Official’s will start and end games on their own clock.
  • Draws:  There will be a draw after each goal.
  • Substitutions:  Because games are running time all substitutions will be on the fly.
  • Time Outs: There will be no time outs.
  • Game scores will be posted at the registration tent.
  • Weather Policy:  Inclement weather is out of the control of the tournament directors and officials.  In the event of inclement weather, all games will be suspended for 20 minutes.  Games will resume at their regularly scheduled times.
  • No refunds will be issued for game cancellations, due to the acts of God (i.e. rain, severe wind and/or hail and/or thunder and lightning.
  • If there are any issues/disputes please go to the registration table and discuss with the Tournament Director.