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What grades can participate in Valley Youth Lacrosse?
Boys and Girls in grades K-8 grades can play. Grades Pre K - 2 will play in our instructional program. Grade 3-8 will participate in the Upstate Lacrosse Association (ULA), which offer 9-10 games for our teams either home or away against neighboring towns.  
Where do we practice?
Clary Middle School and Meachem Field
What is the K-2 Instructional program?      
Boys and Girls in grades K-2 will play in our instructional program.  Boys will play separately from the girls. The K-2 teams are not part of the Upstate Lacrosse Association (ULA). Sunday clinics will begin in early April and end the Sunday before Mother's Day.  The teams will start evening practices the week after Mother's Day.   Teams will practice 1-2 days per week typically from 6 to 7:30 pm. Coaches will determine practices days/times.  The coaches will also set up scrimmages with other K-2 programs.  The days and times of these scrimmages will be determined by the coaches. The team will participate in the Valley K-2 Festival on Friday evening June 22nd.  They will also do one additional festival. They will learn the fundamentals of Lacrosse (pass, catch, cradle, shoot, etc…). Depending on availability, scrimmages will be set up with other area programs later in the season.
How are the teams broken up?
Boys and Girls grades K-2 - Instructional Program
Boys grades 3-4
Boys grades 5-6
Boys grades 7-8
Girls grades 3-4  
Girls grades 5-6     
Girls grades 7-8  
Depending on the number of coaches and players registered the board of directors will determine how many teams we have by grade level.
Can I Register if I have never played?
Yes. The Valley Lacrosse program is a developmental program intended to teach the fundementals of lacrosse. 

Refund Policy? 
Refund requests will be processed on a case by case basis. 
What equipment is required and where do I get it?
Boys must have: helmet, mouth piece, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, athletic supporter with cup and a stick.
Girls must have: a stick; gloves, mouthpiece and eye protection. Cleats for grass are recommended.
 Local vendor: Dicks Sporting Goods or Sports Outift
Do I have to purchase new equipment? 
No, you do not have to purchase new equipment. Your coaches can help determine if your equipment is safe, fits properly and is in good condition.  Boys can also utilize hockey equipment if they wish.
Does Valley provide equipment? 
We have some equipment which can be loaned out .  Loaned equipment needs to be returned at the end of the season.
When is the Season?
We start Sunday clinics in early April.  Evening practices during the week begin in early May.  Teams practice once or twice a week.   The season ends at the end of July. 
Who will we play?
Boys & Girls in grades 3-8 will play teams in the Upstate Lacrosse Association  which include teams from Onondaga, Oswego & Cortland County.
What day will my son/daughter games be?
K-2 Instructional will play on days as scheduled by the coaches. 
3/4's play on Mondays
5/6’s play on Tuesdays
7/8’s play on Wednesdays
Game times will be announced but they are usually between 5:30 and 7:30 pm
When will we have game schedules?
Game schedules usually come out the first week of June and every team competing in the ULA will participate in opening weekend, which is the second weekend in June .
When does my Child team practice?
Practices will be assigned by the coaches and will be posted once rosters are selected.
Is there contact in Lacrosse?
Body contact (body checking) is not permitted in ULA. Although, lacrosse is a contact sport and players should expect incidental body contact. For Boys lacrosse, controlled stick checking is allowed at all levels. In Girls lacrosse, minimal stick checking is permitted at older levels.
This is a quick description of our program and I am sure that certain questions have not been answered.  If you have any additional questions please send us an email.